PhilippineStuffs.com is dedicated to all things Filipino. The intention is to write reviews of attractions, products, services, places and such like in the Philippines.

Although you may be able to find better reviews and information elsewhere, you can at least use this site as a jump start before investigating further into the topic.

What camera is used for the pictures on this site?

The higher quality pictures are taken with a Canon 1000D SLR camera. The lower quality pics, which are usually taken in places where picture taking isn’t always welcome, are taken on a camera phone.

Why are all the images watermarked?
Every image uploaded to the site is watermarked automatically by custom software running on this website. The main reason for placing this watermark is to ensure this site is properly credited when people use the pictures for their own purposes.

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    Hi where do you buy your tofu and how much do you pay?

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