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PLDT DSL Sales Scam 2015

I’ll keep this post brief, it’s just a warning to anyone thinking of joining PLDT through one of their sales agents. I found an advert online, posted by a PLDT sales agent. They were offering free installation and free wifi

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BayanDSL common problems

If you’re a DSL customer of Bayantel, aka BayanDSL, you’ve probably had at least one or two engineers come to your home and try to “fix” your internet connection. The truth is, most BayanDSL problems are fixed (created) in their

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Serenity Aromatherapy Home Spa Review

This will just be a quick review since there’s not much you can say about home spa services. I wanted to get a manicure, pedicure and massage and Serenity Aromatherapy Home Spa (better known as call4serenity) are open 24 hours and service

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Puerto Galera – The less appealing destination of the Philippines

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s reasonably close to Manila and has last minute rooms available, even in the Summer, Puerto Galera (PG) might just be for you. Getting there This review is specially for Sabang rather than White Beach.

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Wi-Tribe WIMAX In the Philippines

A short review of the Wi-Tribe WIMAX/4G internet in Metro Manila, Philippines. History My first hands on experience with Wi-Tribe was a few years ago with the USB dongle. Long story short, the coverage wasn’t good enough to compete against

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Every Nation Language Institute Review

After living in the Philippines for a number of years, I decided that I was finally going to start taking classes to learn Tagalog. I looked at a number of sites where you can hire a tutor to come teach you

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Ucam247 Network Camera Review

Defuturo Limited are a London based company selling high-end network cameras under the name ucam247 and eyespy247. These cameras push out a high quality 720p or higher image, not a low quality image like the cheap network cameras which remind

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Intel Atom Server – D525

This is my Intel Atom home server. It’s the D525 dual core 1.8Ghz intel atom with 2GB RAM and 320GB HDD. I bought it for p9,000 (145GBP / 220USD). It’s running Ubuntu 12.10 server edition and works incredibly well. I

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Slow BayanDSL

I’ve been experiencing a slow connection with BayanDSL for a few weeks now with the connection becoming near impossible to use after 6 or 7pm until around 11pm. BayanDSL sent out a technician to check my equipment, but of course

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BT SmartTalk Review

For those who dont know yet, the BT SmartTalk app basically turns your smart device into a landline telephone. Whatever calls you make from your smart device (over wifi or 3g/4g) are handled and billed the same as if you

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MiLight – Wifi Controlled Light Bulbs

The MiLight (or EasyBulb) is a Wifi controlled lighting system, similar to the popular Philips Hue. The MiLight comes out of China and can be found on the popular Alibaba website. The only UK distributor right now is –

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Raspberrypi Sunrise Alarm

This project started off as a quest to create a high powered sunrise alarm – an alarm that wakes you up with a gradually brightening light over a period of 30 minutes, simulating a sunrise. A much more pleasant and

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Personal water body cooler

This is the second in my ‘personal cooling’ series. Previously I posted about a personal evaporative coolerwhich worked well but I wanted to take it to the next level. The basic idea is to use a water pump and some

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Mini desktop aircon

So the title isn’t strictly true, this is not an aircon, it’s an evaporative cooler. It’s not as cold as an aircon but it’s cooler than a fan. If you’ve ever stepped in front of a fan after taking a

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Problems with

Having been on both sides of the fence, a buyer and seller on, I’ve grown to somewhat resent using the website. The good thing is that there’s more sellers and a wider selection of goods on Sulit than eBay

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VIA APC – Mini Android Computer

As of the 11th June 2012, the VIA APC is available for pre-order and should be shipping early July. Those who added themselves to the APC mailing list got a heads up before everyone else. The launch hit a hiccup

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Why I won’t pay to see a movie in the Philippines

Going to the cinema is meant to be an enjoyable experience. You expect a high quality screen, a powerful clear sound system and the newest movie. What do we get in the Philippines? Newest movies – Yes! Sometimes they’re released

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The fairness of Cebu Pacific Air

Having recently been turned away from my flight for missing the check-in time by five minutes, I’ve decided it’s about time to write a post on Cebu Pacific Air. Cebu Pacific Air, the never-ending promo airline. Here’s something, it’s not

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I have a QSTARZ bluetooth GPS device which I paired with my Macbook pro. This code should work on any Mac/Linux operating system. Depending on your device, you may need to adjust the GPS location – currently it’s hardcoded to /dev/tty.iBT-GPS-SPPslave

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CD-R KING USB TV Tuner Review

After searching through a number of CDR KING stores, I was finally able to find an Analog USB TV Tuner. Most shops only seemed to carry the PCI card variety which aren’t much good for use with a laptop! The

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Sumvision Cyclone Nano review

I knew someone travelling to the Philippines from the UK, so I was lucky enough to get a Sumvision Cyclone Nano for the reasonable price of 5000 php. For those that don’t know, it’s a small android based computer that

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CDRKING Solar Energy Kit

CD-R KING have carried a range of solar products for quite some time, from small keychain solar torches to larger backpack USB chargers. It’s only recently (early 2012) that they started carrying full kits that include the panel, a solar

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Solar Water Heater – Metro Manila

The water coming into my home comes from a communal water tower, I don’t have any heater, so the temperature that the water comes in is the temperature that I experience when showering, washing the dishes, etc. When it’s very hot outside, the

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Your Home Spa review

While having lunch at Silya’t Sili, I was given a leaflet for “Your Home Spa” and offered a free ten minute shoulder massage. We passed on the free shoulder massages but took the leaflet for later. I availed of their

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I was reading the Why.PH case study on Cebu Pacific. I’m amazed how they’ve manipulated the data, so I just have to explain how the data is misleading in case people out there are really believing the hype. Their main

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Paypal – Add funds via online banking

In the first week of June, Paypal added a new method of adding funds to your Paypal account – via online banking. Previously, the only method is to load funds via your direct debit setup which has a processing time

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Good Burgers – Vegetarian burgers

Good burgers have small shops and street stands dotted around Manila and offer some of the best veggie burgers you can find in the Philippines. They have a wide selection of vegan toppings and condiments which you can customise your

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Intraceuticals in Manila – The Spa

Intraceuticals is an Australian owned and Australian made company that offer advanced facial treatments. Their products and services have been brought to the Philippines by their exclusive Philippines partner, O2 Infusion. A previous launch in Manila, back in 2008, was

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Handmade Shanghai chess set

Back in April 2010, I decided that I wanted to make a chess set. After spending a week in Shanghai in May, I decided to theme the chess set on Shanghai. The pieces are cast in plaster of paris and

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PLDT Drifting Eastwood City – Speed Circuit

PLDT launched their 2010 speed circuit tour in Eastwood City, to promote their myDSL ISP. The event pulled in a big crowd on it’s first weekend, at the beginning of March. The launch included additional entertainment such as live music

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The Spa – Acropolis

Introduction The Spa Acropolis located along C5 is one of the best spas operating in metro Manila. They operate to the highest of standards and have facilities to match. Parking There’s parking available directly outside the spa and additional indoors

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Callospa resort – Antipolo

Introduction The Callospa resort is based in Antipolo and markets itself as a complete health and wellness resort. Parking There’s parking outside the resort and also space for around 4 cars behind locked gates within the resort itself. Pricing The

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OpenDNS – Free DNS provider in the Philippines

OpenDNS provide free DNS services worldwide. Along with the standard DNS service, they give you a control panel which allows you to block specific sites or sites that belong to a category (e.g pornography). Although they provide this service for

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Suriya Spa Frontera Verde

Introduction The Suriya Spa based in Frontera Verde is one of the highest quality spa experiences you will find in metro manila. Parking I’ve never had any problem parking outside Suriya Spa. They reserve spaces off the road and open

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Link buying

What is link buying? Link buying is the process of paying webmasters for the placement of a link or multiple links on their website. This action is done to influence the search results of Google and other search engines. If

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Veggie Boutique – Vegetarian supplier in Manila

Veggie Boutique is a home-based vegetarian food supplier based in Palm Village(Makati), Manila. They source vegetarian products from various places in the Philippines and will soon be importing direct from other countries. What started as one man, Mr Fernando, occasionally

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Preparing and cooking Meat Magic

Meat magic is a healthy meat alternative for vegetarians. This halal certified meat alternative is made from soy protein, wheat, corn and carrageenan. The product is made by Geltech Hayco Inc. in Mabolo, Cebu city. Cost According to the packaging,

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Remove adverts on Forum

If you’re like me and you like the forums but don’t like having half a page of adverts at the top of the screen, then this greasemonkey script might be for you. This script will hide the iframe at

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Natural Spa – Rustan’s Katipunan

Introduction The Natural Spa is on the second floor of Rustan’s, along Katipunan. It’s a bit of a budget spa. The prices are lower than most spas but the service and facilities generally match the price. Parking As you can

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Ki Spa by Neo – Greenhills

The Ki Spa by Neo is on Wilson street corner in Greenhills. It’s a clean and professional spa offering medium priced services with facilities to match. Parking You shouldn’t have any problem parking at the Ki Spa. There are spaces

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Drying basil leaves in the microwave

Can basil leaves be dried in the microwave? Believe it or not, basil leaves can be dried in the microwave. It’s both quicker and more effective than using a conventional gas or electric oven. Why dry basil leaves? In my

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CDR-King products on Mac OS X

Most CDR-King products are only labelled as being compatible with windows. If you’re a fellow Mac user then you might be a bit disappointed with this. The good news is that most of their products are in fact compatible with

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Le Grand 2 construction – Eastwood City

Here you can see an updated picture (from a live web cam) of the ongoing construction work for the Le Grand 2 in Eastwood City. The image will update automatically every 5 minutes. Refresh the page to get the most

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Helicopters flying by the office

After seeing so many helicopters fly by the office day after day, I decided to start keeping my camera handy and try snap some pics during the day. They fly by pretty quick so it’s not always easy to get

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Planes at Heathrow Airport

Here are some pics of planes taking off at Heathrow Airport, UK. I’m not exactly a plane spotter so I can’t identify the planes unfortunately. There was heavy machinery running 24/7 to clear snow and ice from the run ways.

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Giving away basil plants

Jan 2010 Since we’ve just moved into a new year, I decided it was time to trim the garden back a bit. I’ve removed many of the smaller basil plants and re-potted them. I’ll be giving them away to anyone

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Eastwood City Cinemas

There are two different cinemas in Eastwood City. There’s the original based in Eastwood Citywalk and the newer Eastwood Cinema Ultra 7 which is located in the Eastwood Mall. Whether you’re just looking to see the newest releases at a

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LG Monitors Warranty In Manila

We have around 40 monitors from LG. They’re all the same model, LG L1753S. After just one year, 5 of them developed large faults. Four of them would no longer turn on and another had a horizontal line of dead

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Urban Jungle

Living high up in a condo unit means I don’t have any traditional gardening space. I’ve managed to maximise what little outdoors space I have. For example, this urban jungle sits on a piece of wood which lays over an

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Internet providers in the Philippines

Having hands on experience in a tech based company in Manila, I’ve had a lot of experience with different ISPs. This post aims to give a quick break down of each provider. Two inherent problems with ISPs in the Philippines

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Plant Pictures

Here you’ll find some pictures of plants that don’t fit in elsewhere on the site. They could be interesting grows, inspiring moments or just otherwise undocumented plants . .

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Seed propagation under fluorescent lights

This page follows the life cycle of seeds started in humid pods under cheap fluorescent lighting. As a comparison, I’ve started some seeds outside in a duplicate humid pod, relying on sunlight. Why? The Philippines has an abundance of sun

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Hydroponics VS Soil

I have two grows side by side to see which performs best. The seeds are a mix between Cress, Basil and to be honest a few unknown seeds. Grow 1 This grow is hydroponics. I’m using a 2 litre bottle

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Soil grow Nov 09

When? I decided to also try some grows in standard soil rather than purely hydroponics. These plants will be outside while my Hydroponic plants will remain inside.This grow started Nov 19th 2009. What / Why? I bought potting soil from

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Cactus Cutting Nov 09

When? The cactus shown below is the mother plant from which a cutting has been taken for this grow. As far as I can tell (thanks to the guys at, the cactus is a Opuntia monacantha. The mother plant

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Hydroponics in the Philippines

Although hydroponics is reasonably big in the Philippines, there is relatively little information online about it. It would be good to see more people posting their setups. What is hydroponics? Hydroponics is the growing of plants without any soil. Plants

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DIY Hydroponics / DWC setup

Making your own Hydroponics bubbler for 6 large plants If you’re looking for something smaller, or want more info about what hydroponics is and how it works then check out my hydroponics in the Philippines page. I bought a semi-transparent

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Excelsior – Eastwood City

Test page

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Cybermall / Cyber One – Eastwood City

Cyber One (also known as Cybermall) is the first ever Mall in Eastwood City. The first two floors are occupied by the usual mall type shops, the third floor acts as a food court and the other 28 floors are

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Helicopters during Ondoy Storm

Unfortunately I don’t have a big zoom lens so these aren’t the best pictures ever. However, I was still lucky enough to snap some okay shots of Helicopters zooming around Metro Manila delivering aid and making rescue attempts after Ondoy

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Eastwood City Ondoy Donation

Eastwood City sympathises with the circumstances brought about by typhoon Ondoy, especially those greatly affected in the neighbouring areas of Marikina, Pasig and Quezon City. It is in this light that Eastwood City foundation, together with its Holy Family Chapel,

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BPI Express Cash & Gift Cards

The BPI Express cash card (or gift card) is essentially a prepaid credit card. You have all the benefits of a MasterCard credit card, such as country wide acceptance at all major stores and In addition to this, you have

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Balducci – Eastwood City

Balducci is a small Italian restaurant located on the ground floor at the Eastwood Mall. Restaurant layout This restaurant is one of the smallest of all those located at the Eastwood Mall. So small in fact that it doesn’t even

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Cyma Greek Taverna – Eastwood City

Cyma Greek Taverna is, as the name suggests, a Greek restaurant located on the second floor of the Eastwood Mall. Restaurant layout The restaurant is relatively small when compared with others in the Eastwood Mall. It’s made good use of

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Mr Kurosawa – Eastwood City

Mr Kurosawa restaurant sign Mr Kurosawa is a Euro-Japanese restaurant with one of the fullest menus I’ve ever seen. Restaurant layout The restaurant has a rather unusual but comfortable theme. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this place as a high

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BPI car loan promotion in Eastwood City

9th September 2009 BPI will be holding an event tomorrow to promote their auto(car) loans in the open park of the Eastwood Mall. The stage was put together today in the pouring rain.. that’s dedication! The following are the requirements

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Tofu steaks

Making tasty tofu steaks is surprisingly easy and quick with this recipe. In just 20 minutes you can prepare and cook enough for two to three people. One tip I strongly recommend is to put your tofu in the freezer

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Jackstock 09 Eastwood City

Jack TV along with Eastwood City bring us Jackstock 09, live at the Eastwood Central Plaza. This event was held on 29th Aug 2009 and the best thing about it? Everything was free! This event promises to be one of

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Madagascar 2 at Eastwood Mall Open Park

As an ongoing Magnavision promotion to drive visitors to the new Mall, Eastwood City are holding a free walk in movie viewing of Madagascar 2! The movie won’t be shown in the theatre itself but instead it will be shown

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Rico Blanco in Eastwood City

As part of the MTV sessions, Eastwood City Walk in association with Magic 89.9 FM bring you Rico Blanco live from the Eastwood Central Plaza on Thursday 27th Aug 2009. The event will run between 8-9 PM and the entrance

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Chickpea Veggie Burgers

This recipe is for quick and tasty chickpea veggie burgers. Stuffed full of goodness and ideal for vegetarians who don’t want to restrict themselves to just salads. This recipe will allow you to make between 10 and 16 patties depending

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Old Vine Grille – Eastwood City

The Old Vine Grille is cosy continental European / French restaurant located at the ground level of the Eastwood Mall in Eastwood City. Restaurant layout The restaurant is made up of three seating areas. An outside patio area, the main

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Philippines Police operational procedure

This police operational procedure is courtesy of the download area on the Quezon City Police department website. For updated information please see the Philippine National Police website. . . . General Procedure Regardless of the type of functions to be

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EuroFest 09 in Eastwood City

August 15 2009 Today the EuroFest 09 car show was held outside the new mall (Eastwood Mall open park) in Eastwood City. The event was announced as The Euro Car Club & Bimmer Car Club in cooperation with Eastwood City

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La Luz Resort

About the resort La luz resort is a medium sized resort which has been privately owned for well over 30 years and only opened up to the public in the last few years. It’s extremely surprising to see how many

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Veggie bean burgers

This is a quick and simple recipe to make tasty vegetarian burgers. You can customise the recipe to your own taste and experiment with different beans to see which provide the best taste, texture and so on. You can fry

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SEO Philippines

Search engine optimisation (SEO) in its most basic form is any action taken to increase a sites position in the search engines. For example if you were an SEO working for Globe then you’d want them to rank high for

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Construction in Eastwood City

Eastwood city is regularly improving and expanding which means constant construction, whether it be new commercial towers or residential properties. With the completion of the new mall, they’re continuing to work on new towers which will no doubt be home

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Resorts in the Philippines

The Philippines is full of resorts. This page will be updated with links to different reviews shortly. For now check out our review on the Al Fresco resort based in Batangas.

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Al Fresco Resort

About the resort Al Fresco is a 3-star resort located in Batangas, specifically in the middle of the Matabungkay Strip. Being an old family owned resort, it has managed to resist the corporate modernisation that has effected so many other

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Quezon City History

2007 In 2007, Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. provided 40 brand new Toyota Vios with full communications equipment and two Hilux model pickup trucks, also equipped fully, to the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) in a turnover ceremony held

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About Quezon City

Quezon city is the former capital of the Philippines and is still the highest populated city. The city was named after Manuel Quezon, a former president and still houses many government buildings such as the City hall (shown left). The

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About Eastwood City

Eastwood City is the state-of-the-art residential, business, retail and entertainment center in the metropolis. Located at the heart of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, Eastwood City is designed to be a metropolis of its own. Designed and built

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Properties in Eastwood City

Eastwood City is a 17-hectare mini city located in Libis, developed by MegaWorld. The city hosts both commerical and residential buildings, boasting 12 luxurious condominium towers. This location is ideal for both foreigners and Filipinos due to its large fleet

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