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Callospa welcome sign


The Callospa resort is based in Antipolo and markets itself as a complete health and wellness resort.


There’s parking outside the resort and also space for around 4 cars behind locked gates within the resort itself.


The pricing itself is extremely competitive. However, from my experience, you don’t quite get what you paid for. For example I paid for a 3.5 hour package which actually last around 1.45 hours.


Carved wooden bed TV and DVD player in Callospa room Bathroom facilities

On first appearance, I was very impressed with the room. An impressive bed, a refrigerator, TV with DVD player and a bathroom with a full sized bath tub.

The main feature of the room is a large bed carved from a local tree and stained with a dark varnish. The bed was was comfortable and the bedding was soft.

The refrigerator is a convenient touch because Callospa don’t serve food, meaning you need to order from a local restaurant (Max’s or Pizza hut are recommended) and you’ll be wanting somewhere to store your leftovers.

The TV and DVD player was again a nice touch. The DVD player had USB support so I plugged in an external drive which had some TV series on and they played just fine. However, annoyingly, whoever wired the room was very creative and hooked the TV/DVD power up to the bed light. Meaning if you wanted to watch the TV you must also have the light over the bed switched on.

Living in a condo with just a shower, I always get excited by the opportunity of lounging around in a hot bath at a resort. Unfortunately the plug wasn’t functioning so I was unable to use it! Aside from that, the bathroom facilities were fine.

So those are most of the good points, now some bad points… To be fair, these are mostly small issues that can be easily remedied. It’s just a shame to see a resort that could be practically perfect if it wasn’t for these small issues.

The wiring was somewhat ‘dodgy’, as explained above, some things were wired together meaning you couldn’t use one without the other and there were exposed wires running around (although semi-hidden) the ceiling.

The room seemed clean on first glance but if you look behind anything, such as the refrigerator, you realise it’s not so clean after all. On a related note, the drain cover in the bathroom was so rusty that half of it was missing. The bath tub also had some rust which made it look a little dirty.

Massage / Service

The staff were as friendly and professional as any other mid-high range spa. My biggest gripe with Callospa is that I paid for the 3.5 hour package and it only lasted 1.45 hours.

The sauna was effective and comfortable although is quite small with just enough space for two sitting people. The jacuzzi is also enjoyable but the placement by the entrance of the main facilities feels somewhat strange.

The massages are relaxing and enjoyable except for the ending when they try to perform some kind of massage aerobatics with your body!

The scrub was a bit of a let down. The room itself looks like something out of one of the saw horror movies. The bed was too short and the wet headrest towel being reused throughout the day showed a lack of  cleanliness. The scrub didn’t feel particularly relaxing or thorough.

Other facilities

Swimming pool and outdoors jacuzzi Callospa Hammock Romantic Cabana

There’s a large outdoors pool with a small jacuzzi. Both are quite shallow but perfectly fine for a relaxing dip. There are two full sized badminton courts but they seem overpriced at P500 per hour. There’s an abundance of outside seating with full sun and shaded options.


The Callospa is so close to being something special that you’d tell your friends about. With a little more care and attention to the resort facilities and actually providing the full service their guide promises you this could be a truly amazing resort. As it is, It’s just another mid range spa in a slightly remote location.

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3 comments on “Callospa resort – Antipolo
  1. Raul says:

    You do realize the word “stuffs” is grammatically incorrect I hope. Check Webster if you don’t believe me. ‘Stuff’ is a non-count noun, so therefore, never get’s an ‘s’ on the end. We can only quantify it with some, any, many, etc. Just for your information.

  2. Genevieve says:

    ang panget ng spa nyo.. muka lng maganda sa picture.. we travel all the way from manila to antipolo and was dissapointed from what we saw

  3. Admin says:

    Indeed, I realize :) It’s somewhat a play on words :)

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