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Drying basil leaves in the microwave

Can basil leaves be dried in the microwave? Believe it or not, basil leaves can be dried in the microwave. It’s both quicker and more effective than using a conventional gas or electric oven. Why dry basil leaves? In my

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Giving away basil plants

Jan 2010 Since we’ve just moved into a new year, I decided it was time to trim the garden back a bit. I’ve removed many of the smaller basil plants and re-potted them. I’ll be giving them away to anyone

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Urban Jungle

Living high up in a condo unit means I don’t have any traditional gardening space. I’ve managed to maximise what little outdoors space I have. For example, this urban jungle sits on a piece of wood which lays over an

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Seed propagation under fluorescent lights

This page follows the life cycle of seeds started in humid pods under cheap fluorescent lighting. As a comparison, I’ve started some seeds outside in a duplicate humid pod, relying on sunlight. Why? The Philippines has an abundance of sun

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Hydroponics VS Soil

I have two grows side by side to see which performs best. The seeds are a mix between Cress, Basil and to be honest a few unknown seeds. Grow 1 This grow is hydroponics. I’m using a 2 litre bottle

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Soil grow Nov 09

When? I decided to also try some grows in standard soil rather than purely hydroponics. These plants will be outside while my Hydroponic plants will remain inside.This grow started Nov 19th 2009. What / Why? I bought potting soil from

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Cactus Cutting Nov 09

When? The cactus shown below is the mother plant from which a cutting has been taken for this grow. As far as I can tell (thanks to the guys at, the cactus is a Opuntia monacantha. The mother plant

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Hydroponics in the Philippines

Although hydroponics is reasonably big in the Philippines, there is relatively little information online about it. It would be good to see more people posting their setups. What is hydroponics? Hydroponics is the growing of plants without any soil. Plants

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DIY Hydroponics / DWC setup

Making your own Hydroponics bubbler for 6 large plants If you’re looking for something smaller, or want more info about what hydroponics is and how it works then check out my hydroponics in the Philippines page. I bought a semi-transparent

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