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Puerto Galera – The less appealing destination of the Philippines

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s reasonably close to Manila and has last minute rooms available, even in the Summer, Puerto Galera (PG) might just be for you. Getting there This review is specially for Sabang rather than White Beach.

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Callospa resort – Antipolo

Introduction The Callospa resort is based in Antipolo and markets itself as a complete health and wellness resort. Parking There’s parking outside the resort and also space for around 4 cars behind locked gates within the resort itself. Pricing The

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La Luz Resort

About the resort La luz resort is a medium sized resort which has been privately owned for well over 30 years and only opened up to the public in the last few years. It’s extremely surprising to see how many

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Al Fresco Resort

About the resort Al Fresco is a 3-star resort located in Batangas, specifically in the middle of the Matabungkay Strip. Being an old family owned resort, it has managed to resist the corporate modernisation that has effected so many other

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