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PLDT DSL Sales Scam 2015

I’ll keep this post brief, it’s just a warning to anyone thinking of joining PLDT through one of their sales agents. I found an advert online, posted by a PLDT sales agent. They were offering free installation and free wifi

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BayanDSL common problems

If you’re a DSL customer of Bayantel, aka BayanDSL, you’ve probably had at least one or two engineers come to your home and try to “fix” your internet connection. The truth is, most BayanDSL problems are fixed (created) in their

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Wi-Tribe WIMAX In the Philippines

A short review of the Wi-Tribe WIMAX/4G internet in Metro Manila, Philippines. History My first hands on experience with Wi-Tribe was a few years ago with the USB dongle. Long story short, the coverage wasn’t good enough to compete against

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Ucam247 Network Camera Review

Defuturo Limited are a London based company selling high-end network cameras under the name ucam247 and eyespy247. These cameras push out a high quality 720p or higher image, not a low quality image like the cheap network cameras which remind

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Intel Atom Server – D525

This is my Intel Atom home server. It’s the D525 dual core 1.8Ghz intel atom with 2GB RAM and 320GB HDD. I bought it for p9,000 (145GBP / 220USD). It’s running Ubuntu 12.10 server edition and works incredibly well. I

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Slow BayanDSL

I’ve been experiencing a slow connection with BayanDSL for a few weeks now with the connection becoming near impossible to use after 6 or 7pm until around 11pm. BayanDSL sent out a technician to check my equipment, but of course

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BT SmartTalk Review

For those who dont know yet, the BT SmartTalk app basically turns your smart device into a landline telephone. Whatever calls you make from your smart device (over wifi or 3g/4g) are handled and billed the same as if you

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MiLight – Wifi Controlled Light Bulbs

The MiLight (or EasyBulb) is a Wifi controlled lighting system, similar to the popular Philips Hue. The MiLight comes out of China and can be found on the popular Alibaba website. The only UK distributor right now is –

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VIA APC – Mini Android Computer

As of the 11th June 2012, the VIA APC is available for pre-order and should be shipping early July. Those who added themselves to the APC mailing list got a heads up before everyone else. The launch hit a hiccup

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CD-R KING USB TV Tuner Review

After searching through a number of CDR KING stores, I was finally able to find an Analog USB TV Tuner. Most shops only seemed to carry the PCI card variety which aren’t much good for use with a laptop! The

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Sumvision Cyclone Nano review

I knew someone travelling to the Philippines from the UK, so I was lucky enough to get a Sumvision Cyclone Nano for the reasonable price of 5000 php. For those that don’t know, it’s a small android based computer that

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