CD-R KING USB TV Tuner Review

After searching through a number of CDR KING stores, I was finally able to find an Analog USB TV Tuner. Most shops only seemed to carry the PCI card variety which aren’t much good for use with a laptop!

The tuner cost 1180 php and looks like a small usb pen drive. The design has recently changed to a ‘box’ shape but it’s the same chipset and the same remote etc. It’s just a bit bulkier now! It’s compatible with Windows only, no Mac or Linux support. For the techies out there, it uses the Trident 5600 chip.

Installation is simple with the supplied CD and you’re able to watch local TV in a matter of minutes. The software can be a bit buggy if you try to swap through a lot of channels quickly, but remember you don’t have touse the supplied software; you can simply install the driver and then download better TV tuner software online.

I was hoping to use this TV tuner with the Sumvision Cyclone Nano but unfortunately it was not compatible.

The quality of the video coming through is pretty impressive. It’s not HD but then Analog TV doesn’t carry HD signals to start with. The better your antenna, the better the quality will obviously be. Aside from picking up the local free channels, you can also connect it to an analog cable tv signal, such as that offered by Destiny Cable or SkyCable. However, you should note that the major cable providers, like Sky, are changing from Analog to Digital – which won’t be compatible with this usb tuner.

Local Channel Sample

Local Channel Sample


Local Channel Sample

Local Channel Sample

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7 comments on “CD-R KING USB TV Tuner Review
  1. RayRay says:

    is there one for laptop?

  2. RayRay says:

    May i ask is there one for laptop? Windows 7 OS?

  3. Admin says:

    Hi RayRay, it’s a regular usb device so you can use it on a laptop or desktop. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 but not with Mac OS X or linux. Most cdr-king branches are carrying a usb tv product, either in the stick form or box form. It’s actually the same product (same chip inside) but just a different case.

  4. Ianemv says:

    You still have the driver for this? can’t download from cd-r king’s website

  5. eman says:

    hi! is there a usb tv tuner from cr king that supports both digital and analog signals?

  6. Admin says:

    CDRKING tuners will decode digital cable signals as well as regular over-the-air analog but be aware that some companies like Sky Cable are now encrypting their signals and can only be decoded with their official box. This is to block the number of illegal hookups that have been made in the Philippines.

  7. Jasper says:

    Hi, may I ask what alternative software did you use to run TV in your PC? The bundled HyperMedia does not seem to work in my system.

    Thank you!

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