DIY Hydroponics / DWC setup

Making your own Hydroponics bubbler for 6 large plants

If you’re looking for something smaller, or want more info about what hydroponics is and how it works then check out my hydroponics in the Philippines page.

I bought a semi-transparent box from Shopwise for about 450PHP. Sprayed it blue to keep light out (light kills plant roots!).
Then I drilled three holes. One for the temperature sensor and two for air tubes. After drilling the area was sanded and ready for a respray.
Using a hot glue gun, I fixed two air stones in place.
I ran the air tubes from the air pump to the air stones. I also used hot glue to stick the temperature sensor inside the box. Although the tube is a tight fit with the holes and the water should never go that high, I used hot glue around the holes to create a water tight seal.
The next step was to cut holes into the lid for our plant pots. Unfortunately I didn’t have any tools at hand to do this (the plastic was too thick for a Stanley knife). I ended up heating a knife over and over and using that to melt/cut the plastic.

The next step was to fit the plant pots into the holes. I’m using thin plastic poly pots. Fitted to the lid using duct tape. Eventually I’ll replace with strong plastic square pots.
In this picture you can see the air pump running, making bubbles and the temperature reader attached to the outside.
This is the final setup with lid connected. I’ve made temporary lids for 3 of the holes since I only want to grow three plants right now.
Squash plant growing hydroponically Basil and squash growing in the hydroponic DWC construction. Using SNAP hydroponic nutrients.
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14 comments on “DIY Hydroponics / DWC setup
  1. Tony says:

    Hi, simple set up. Question: Where to you get your nutrient solution here in the country?

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Tony, I’ve emailed you over the details of the gentleman who supplies the SNAP nutrient solution here in the metro.

  3. ceejay says:

    hello mr. admin, can you also email me the details of the supplier of SNAP nutrients solution in metro manila? thanks.

  4. capman says:

    hi admin, can you please send me also the details of the gentleman that supplies snap nutrient solution in metro manila. thanks.

  5. Admin says:

    Ceejay, capman, I’ve emailed you with the details for the SNAP nutrient supplier. Thanks!

  6. Fiorello says:

    Where can I get the soluble nutirents for hydrophonics?

  7. Nice DIY site. it will help a lot of individuals out there who wanted to start their own system. Keep it up bro!

  8. Ernesto pantorilla says:

    please send me address of the SNAP nutrient supplier, thanks more power

  9. nel says:

    hi po, would you please send me also suppliers of snap nutrient solution in ilocos region if any..i wanted to build my own hydroponics also but then i can’t find a solution within our locality..please help me..many thanks..

  10. rosalino says:

    where do you get the nutrients/fertilizer?

  11. taloune says:

    hello, mr. admin. Can you please send me the details for the SNAP nutrient supplier as well. Thanks!

  12. ulak says:

    Hello. Can I also have the details regarding where you can get Snap Nutrient Solution? Thank you. I’d like to compare the results using snap vs. using a solution I made in my home laboratory (it works pretty well though). If you live in Manila maybe you can test my solution in one of your set ups as well. I could really use the feedback. Thanks again in advance.

  13. Ronald says:

    Hi, I live in taguig city, could you provide me where to buy the snap nutrients and the supplier for the hydroponics equipment and a demo hydroponics farm in Metro Manila. Thanks a lot

  14. Karlo says:

    Could you also share the SNAP Solution supplier here in the Philippines. THanks.

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