Eastwood City Cinemas

Eastwood Cinema Ultra 7There are two different cinemas in Eastwood City. There’s the original based in Eastwood Citywalk and the newer Eastwood Cinema Ultra 7 which is located in the Eastwood Mall.

Whether you’re just looking to see the newest releases at a reasonable price or wanting to take your cinema experience to a new level, your needs will be fulfilled by one of the Eastwood Cinemas.

What’s the difference between the old cinema and the new one?

The older cinema based in Eastwood Citywalk is much the same as any other theatre in metro Manila. The price is around P170 per ticket and the theatre features standard seating, a reasonable quality screen and an impressive sound system. Basically, this cinema is no better and no worse than just about any other average cinema in the metro.

The newer Ultra 7 cinema in Eastwood Mall is a level above all other theatres. Although the price is significantly higher at P400 per ticket, there are some benefits that you don’t find at other theatres.  It has the latest Dolby Digital EX sound system (with bass that literally rumbles your whole body) and fully reclining chairs for comfort! You can lay back in your seat with your feet up and enjoy unlimited free popcorn and drinks! (sodas and water). Another perk of the Ultra 7 is having bathroom facilities within the movie room itself, meaning you won’t miss a large chunk of the film while you nip to the toilet!

The screen of Ultra 7

The screen of Ultra 7

The bathroom in Ultra 7

The bathroom in Ultra 7

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