EuroFest 09 in Eastwood City

Eurofest 09 eastwood city flyerAugust 15 2009

Today the EuroFest 09 car show was held outside the new mall (Eastwood Mall open park) in Eastwood City. The event was announced as The Euro Car Club & Bimmer Car Club in cooperation with Eastwood City and Caltex.

There were over 80 Europeran cars on display with many of the owners close by to give you more information on the cars performance and history. There were also prizes to be won by those who registered an interest or voted for their favourite car!

If you’re into cars then this was an event not to be missed!

Caltexs involvement in the show was very prominent with the inclusion of a branded balloon.
Caltex Balloon

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for, the cars..!

Black bmw
blue bmw z3
white bmw
little truck
black bmwwhite bmw
red carbon hood bmw

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