Giving away basil plants

Jan 2010

Since we’ve just moved into a new year, I decided it was time to trim the garden back a bit. I’ve removed many of the smaller basil plants and re-potted them. I’ll be giving them away to anyone who wants one.

The basil plants are now individually potted in Styrofoam cups with soil and a little perlite on top. To help them through the transplanting phase, I’m using a 15W 12 LED grow bulb. This bulb uses very little power and has a mix of red and blue high powered LEDs at the correct wavelengths for photosynthesis.

One tray before trimming back. Basil plants individually potted with soil and perlite Basil plants in front of LED grow lamp
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2 comments on “Giving away basil plants
  1. Franz says:

    Where’d u buy your grow lights?

  2. Admin says:

    Hey Franz, I bought my fluorescent lights at ACE hardware and my LED board light and LED spotlight from eBay UK :)

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