Internet providers in the Philippines

NetworkHaving hands on experience in a tech based company in Manila, I’ve had a lot of experience with different ISPs. This post aims to give a quick break down of each provider.

Two inherent problems with ISPs in the Philippines seem to be poor connectivity to other parts of the world such as the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. The second problem which seems to cause a lot of downtime is poor DNS servers. The problem is, most of the time people think their connection is down when in fact the only problem is a dead DNS server!

If you’re running a business where internet uptime is crucial then you should seriously consider setting up an internal DNS server such as BIND9 and using a free DNS service such as openDNS which is spread over multiple servers worldwide to avoid downtime.


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Eastern Telecom ISP – We have a leased line with Eastern Telecom. I personally wouldn’t recommend using them. For what you get, they’re quite expensive. They perform traffic shaping and port blocking, even on leased lines! If you need a big upload then you may have little choice but to consider them but otherwise I wouldn’t make them your first choice.

PLDT ISP– The best value for money! PLDT are one of the fastest providers and their rates are very reasonable. My main gripe with them is that their DNS server is always failing. Luckily we run our own internal DNS server.

Update Jan 2010: Apparently even the president of the philippines has shown an interest in promoting and improving PLDT!

Bayantel ISP– Although it can be a bit up and down, the connection is generally okay. My experience with them is that they oversell their capacity so it can get slow during peak hours. On the whole, Bayantel is a cheap and cheerful offering.

Sky Broadband ISP – One of the newer players to the field and what a winner. Very quick and very reasonably priced. Although they still seem to be getting to grips with professional installation, the quality and speed of the connection is very good.

My Destiny ISP – MyDestiny are in my opinion, the worst ISP in the Philippines. The speed of the connection is very poor and during peak hours you can be waiting a minute or two just for the Google homepage to load! They perform the oddest traffic shaping I’ve ever seen. Unlike other companies like Eastern Telecom who apply their traffic shaping to bulk traffic (torrents),  mydestiny traffic shape HTTP sockets! So general web browsing is penalised while torrents which open many sockets continue downloading very quickly. You can increase the speed of your HTTP downloads by using a download manager like ‘downloadthemall‘ which opens multiple sockets at once.

Lets hope that the next president of the Philippines will push for even greater internet connections!

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One comment on “Internet providers in the Philippines
  1. Kape says:

    Internet here at Angeles City seems to be good and stable. I’m using ComClark cable internet with a speed of 1Mb for Php2000. And yet there was no trouble with the connection at all, except for electricity brown out ofcourse.
    Besides having a good speed of download, there’s still one complain left. Which is my upload speed, it is very slow. The upload speed is about 0.34Kbps, which i do not recommend for web developers or web designers since i’m a webmaster my self. Since i can’t afford a better speed, i’ve continued using my standard 1Mb package deal. But, as for a home user, ComClark is the best you can get in Angeles City.

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