La Luz Resort

La luz resort welcome sign

About the resort

La luz resort is a medium sized resort which has been privately owned for well over 30 years and only opened up to the public in the last few years. It’s extremely surprising to see how many cottages there are within the grounds and yet the resort still feels comfortably small, natural and cosy.


During the off-peak season, rooms start at a very reasonable price of P1,800 for smaller rooms intended for couples and go up to P3,500 for a large family room or the largest Annex room is P4300 which holds 5 semi-double beds and 1 double bed. Prices rise significantly higher during the peak season.

On top of these room rates you have a compulsory P1050 per person food package fee. If you’re a big eater and intend to make good use of the buffet meals then this is a reasonable price. However if you’re not so hungry or not interested in the food that’s on offer in the buffet then you’ll begrudge having to pay such a high price.


For such a high quality resort, I’m surprised by the lack of restaurant within the grounds. You either eat what they have in the buffet or you don’t eat at all. My own preference is to have a restaurant with menu where you can order what you’d like. But as I said above, if you’re into buffets then this resort will serve you perfectly.

The resort has its own large parking lot within its grounds. Use of Kayaks for a fee (can only be used before 6pm)
la luz kayaks

Overview of the resort

la luz beach
All rooms higher than ‘standard’ have air conditioning and a large bathroom with a shower which includes hot water. Otherwise there’s not much else to see in the rooms. Unlike other resorts in the area, you won’t find cable TV or such like.

resort cottage roomresort cottage

There are cabanas and bamboo furniture on the whole of the beach front, there’s no charge for use of these.
la luz beach furniture

There’s also a very cute monkey who lives at the resort. His name is Justin and he loves to show off to visitors.

dustin the monkey

Meals are served inside a very large hut, cooled by ceiling fans and has both indoor and outdoor seating.

food hut

The beach

The beach is extremely high quality, perfectly clean and made up of small pebbles and sand. The beach is private and for use only by those staying at the resort or those who paid the daily entrance fee of P750.

With regards to the water itself, it was also extremely clean although slightly rocky near the shore. There are no sizeable waves.

Within the water itself is a floating platform which you can swim out to and relax on.

sea platform

Quality of service

Being a vegetarian, I wasn’t so happy to pay P1050 for buffet meals which offered only meat dishes. Fortunately, after speaking to a member of the admin staff, I was able to lower this to P500 and have a custom tofu meal made for me. The staff said that if they’re given advanced notice then they can cater for vegetarians, however this differed from what their manila office said so perhaps there’s some crossed wires somewhere.


la luz beach front

The price is slightly higher than other resorts in Batangas but the quality of the beach and accommodation is unrivaled. The resort could definitely be improved by offering meals cooked to order and perhaps slightly relaxed rules such as allowing access to the water in the evening.

Overall I really enjoyed staying at La Luz and would highly recommend the resort.

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