Mini desktop aircon

So the title isn’t strictly true, this is not an aircon, it’s an evaporative cooler. It’s not as cold as an aircon but it’s cooler than a fan. If you’ve ever stepped in front of a fan after taking a shower, you’ll know just how cold things can get. This little device follows the same basic ideas.

You’ll need just minimal parts for this project. The chances are you already have enough things laying around the house that could be used. I used a small 5V 1W fan that was removed from a broken laptop, a piece of sponge and an old plastic case which housed a refrigerator deodorizer.

Your power source will depend on the fan you’re using, I’m using USB power, or specifically a USB portable battery. Electricity and water don’t always play well so don’t try this with a regular 110/220V house fan!

The basic idea is for the intake of the fan to draw air through a wet sponge, cooling the air as it passes through. I based my design on the ‘handy cooler’ which can be bought on eBay for under 10 GBP (16 USD).  Watch the video below for a hands on demonstration.


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2 comments on “Mini desktop aircon
  1. chocowilliam says:

    wow featured in lifehacker! galing!

  2. Bookdoc says:

    Back in the 70’s these were called “swamp coolers” as we used cypress mulch with a drip to keep them wet. That was the only cooling the KFC kitchens got! Also, here in Columbus we have the Garden Theatre-a burlesque house that had swamp coolers in the ’20s-very early airconditioning. The system is still there but the theatre got central air in the ’60s I think.

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