Natural Spa – Rustan’s Katipunan

Natural Spa entrance


The Natural Spa is on the second floor of Rustan’s, along Katipunan. It’s a bit of a budget spa. The prices are lower than most spas but the service and facilities generally match the price.


As you can imagine, being located along Katipunan makes it very difficult to park at the Natural Spa. They have a few spaces out the front but every time I’ve driven by, they’ve been occupied. There are  streets you can park on, which I’ve used, but most of them are tow away zones!


The pricing is very competitive, however the old fable of you get what you pay for is most certainly true.

A regular (Swedish) massage will set you back around P550 for an hour and an hours body scrub costs around P700.


Small cupboard in room at natural spa Bed at natural spa

The rooms are relatively small and thrill free. They feature nothing more than a basic bed (or multiple beds in the large rooms), an air con unit and a small cupboard. You’ll need to shower before arriving. I was a little disappointed with how long I had to wait at the entrance, considering I arrived on time. After sitting there for some time, listening to the small water fountain, I was less than impressed to arrive at the room and find that it didn’t have any bathroom facility.

The walls between the rooms may as well be made from paper because they do nothing to block out external sounds. Throughout my massage I could hear a man in the next room snoring, staff walking around outside and going in and out of other rooms. This doesn’t make for a very relaxed massage.

Massage / Service

Even though I arrived at the appointment time, I still had to wait for about 10 minutes at the entrance before being taken to my room. As highlighted above, I was disappointed with the room. I found it annoying that staff would come in and out of the room because they’re sharing an air con remote.

With regard to the massage and scrub itself, I was a little disappointed here too.  The massage was extremely painful, and continued to be painful even after letting the massage therapist know that. To be fair though, she did a good job of getting the knots out. Moving on to the scrub..they used a rather rough glove for the scrub, something I’ve never experienced at another spa. During the scrub, I felt more like I was a bit of meat being tenderised for cooking.

Other facilities

Natural spa run a home service with massages starting from P400 for an hour and scrubs from P560 per hour.


It’s a budget Spa with budget quality service and facilities. I wouldn’t recommend the Spa to friends and I probably wouldn’t go back again. Going to the spa should be an experience, a relaxing one. Based on my experience, I could have a more relaxing massage at home from another company for just P250.

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4 comments on “Natural Spa – Rustan’s Katipunan
  1. lang says:

    i don’t know when this was written, but Natural Spa not having a toilet? hehehe…i go there all the time for my wax jobs/ scrubs/ massage. i love it there. 😉

  2. Admin says:

    Hey, I think you misread the post. I was stating that the room itself doesn’t have a toilet. They do indeed have shared bathroom facilities outside of the room.

  3. admino says:

    it’s too expensive for a budget spa. I would rather go to the spa above charlies along Marcos Hi-way. they’re better than the SPA along katipunan in terms of the massage. however, they lack the ambiance and wet floor but again they’re only a budget spa.

  4. wallow says:

    Thanks for the informative review. I live on Katipunan and was wondering about that spa all this time. Now I have a good insight into the place and know that I will not be going there! Looking forward to your other reviews. =)

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