Old Vine Grille – Eastwood City

Old Vine Grille InteriorThe Old Vine Grille is cosy continental European / French restaurant located at the ground level of the Eastwood Mall in Eastwood City.

Restaurant layout

The restaurant is made up of three seating areas. An outside patio area, the main dining area and a side room which would be great for business meals or a group of friends.

Like many other restaurants located at the Eastwood Mall, the interior is quite narrow but stretches far back. They’ve maximised their space well and have made it feel open and airy with the use of mirrors.

The walls are decorated with a great variety of interesting pictures and homely plants which make for a very relaxed atmosphere.


The level of service in the Old Vine Grille was perfect – they knew when to approach the table and when to give privacy. They were also quick to spot an unhappy face when there was a slight error in the order and fixed it up perfectly within a couple of minutes.

Food and drink

Watermelon shakeFor drinks we ordered watermelon shakes. They had the perfect level of crushed ice and watermelon, providing a pleasant and  smooth taste.

They were served quickly after ordering, unlike some restaurants that leave you waiting around until your food is served before giving you your drinks.

The food was also served extremely quickly, although this may have been helped by the fact that it was a rather quiet lunch period. The servings are generous, especially compared to other places in the Eastwood area, this is a big plus point that would make me want to return.

There was only one tiny thing missing.. they didn’t offer fresh cracked pepper for any of the dishes. This is a pretty standard offer in most restaurants and shouldn’t be something you have to ask for, it should simply be offered.

Menu (click for larger image)

front of menuback of menu


vegetarian eggplant pasta

Vegetarian Eggplant Pasta

fish and chips

Fish and Chips

rice stuffed whole chicken

Rice stuffed whole chicken

old vine grille interior seatingold vine grille barexterior seating at old vine grillepictures on the wall

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5 comments on “Old Vine Grille – Eastwood City
  1. derdo says:

    The last dish looks yummy – may I know what it is? Your review is so elegantly written.

  2. Admin says:

    Hiya Derdo! I should have added captions to the images. The last dish is rice stuffed whole chicken :)

  3. ma. jacklyn t. berbenzana says:

    greetings!do you have bar menu and drink list.???

  4. Admin says:

    Sorry but all I have are the menus that are shown above.

  5. biosong says:

    just had my lunch at this resto.
    ill start with the negative part:
    >we saw and they take care of it… 2 small cockroaches 1 by the wall near our table and 1 in the saucer plate with the BBQ sauce.
    >no wifi
    now the positive part:
    >serving is generous
    >offered a free taste of their house blended ice tea (love this)
    >waiters are quick and prompt on your requests
    >offered tie ups to our company since we had a group lunch (discounts on our next visit once approved)
    >resto temp is good

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