PLDT Drifting Eastwood City – Speed Circuit

PLDT Drift in Eastwood CityPLDT launched their 2010 speed circuit tour in Eastwood City, to promote their myDSL ISP. The event pulled in a big crowd on it’s first weekend, at the beginning of March. The launch included additional entertainment such as live music and dancers.

Although the tour was meant to move on to different areas, for some reason the drifting has continued every weekend since; minus the additional entertainment. It was bad enough that PLDT expanded their tour time in Eastwood but now it’s transformed into the Lateral Drift Championships. The crowd has steadily declined and aside from a handful of spectators, the only people who attend the event are the drift car drivers.

The only benefit of holding the event in Eastwood is the potential of pulling in large crowds, however that’s clearly not happening. So why not move it a non-residential area?

I for one am fed up with being woken up at 8am every Saturday and Sunday by the noise of car wheels screeching. The question is, why are they still here? The tour was meant to move on and the event no longer pulls in spectators. If the boys want to play with their toys, why don’t they do it somewhere else?

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2 comments on “PLDT Drifting Eastwood City – Speed Circuit
  1. Disgruntled Neighbor says:

    I totally agree with you! I’m a resident of one of the Eastwood Condos and I must say, I don’t have anything against their “sports” however, I hope before the sponsors and/or the events organizers moved this event to Eastwood, that they managed to ask permission from the residents here (did they?). I’d like to highlight the fact that this event is disrupting the normally quiet weekends we have here. They start off early in the morning of Saturday until Sunday late in the afternoon. We, who really don’t care much about their “sports”, have to put with the incredible noise and the loud commentator. Again, I could care less about their event – as long as it doesn’t disrupt my supposed quiet weekend!!!

  2. KUMAGCOW says:

    I ain’t a resident but I work there 5-6 days a week. I enjoyed the chance to take photos and stay on the track itself. They probably won’t hold that event there soon… I understand, there should be some place where this thing should be held away from residential condos. Start a campaign to ban it perhaps?! Eastwood/Megaworld might listen =)

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