Preparing and cooking Meat Magic

Meat Magic cutletsMeat magic is a healthy meat alternative for vegetarians. This halal certified meat alternative is made from soy protein, wheat, corn and carrageenan.

The product is made by Geltech Hayco Inc. in Mabolo, Cebu city.


According to the packaging, 1 Kilo of Meat Magic, which costs around 250-275 PHP will expand to 4 Kilos once hydrated (soaked in water). From my limited use of it, I’d say the cutlets don’t expand more than double their size and therefore 1 Kilo of meat magic probably works out to about 2 kilos. This is pretty economical pricing.

Storage and preparation

The meat magic cutlets are easy to store and convenient to prepare. Provided the cutlets are stored in a an airtight container, they’ll keep for up to a year.

The packaging gives the following advice on preparing the cutlets:

Soak in hot water, broth or soup stock at 1:2 ratio (1 cup of meat magic to 2 cups of preferred soaking medium) until fully swelled. Drain and squeeze out all the excess liquid, then marinate Meat Magic like you would with real meat (i.e., adding seasoning and spices), and cok as recipe requires.

Preparing meat magicStep 1 – Remove the cutlets from the packaging and soak them in hot water. For every 1 cup of cutlets, add two cups of hot water.
Swelled meat magic cutletsStep 2 – After 15 minutes, the cutlets will have swelled. You should drain and squeeze out the excess liquid.
Cutlets ready for breadingStep 3 – At this point, you can slice the cutlets in to halves and marinate overnight. Being impatient, I chose to coat the cutlets with breading powder with a little Cayenne pepper powder mixed in.
Fried magic meatStep 4 – You can prepare the meat magic just like you would real meat. I chose to fry the cutlets. It took quite awhile before the cutlets lost their toughness and became tender enough to eat. Masarap, very tasty! The texture is similar to beef.
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3 comments on “Preparing and cooking Meat Magic
  1. Tito & Alma Bagunoc says:


    Natikman namin yung ‘Meat Magic” and we liked it. So nagsurf kami sa website if incase mayron dito sa US, then we called our friend who gave to her sister but then we found out that it’s just in Philippines. have you not imported somewhere in US specially in California wherein a lot Filipinos in there. Keep up your good works & don’t forget to give thanks to God for all the blessings you received.

  2. Edelyn says:

    I really miss Meat Magic. This is one of my favorite when I was still in the Philippines. And I’m craving now. But I don’t know where I could find it here in the US. I already searched some vegetarian stores here in Southern Illinois and couldn’t find it, also in the web. I only found TVP chunks. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 10 years but so far this is the best meat substitute rich in protein that I ever tasted sooo good.

  3. natalie says:

    we’ve tried it. but there is this certain taste that i dislike. hindi ko alam kung sa pag prepare lang yun or ganun talaga sya kasi first time pa namin yun recommended by my vegetarian father in law

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