Problems with

Having been on both sides of the fence, a buyer and seller on, I’ve grown to somewhat resent using the website. The good thing is that there’s more sellers and a wider selection of goods on Sulit than eBay PH.

Problems as a buyer

Sellers list items that they don’t have in stock. You waste load texting or calling them only to be told the item isn’t in stock.

Sellers post misleadingly low prices on their ads but when you contact them they quote a much higher price and say that they’ve simply forgotten to update the advert.

Many of the sellers I’ve experienced have been extremely lazy.


Problems as a seller

Many people ask for meetups and say they’re a sure buyer but then cancel at the last minute.

People text asking about things that have already been explained or written in the ad description.

No matter how many times you write on the advert that the item is still available, you’ll still get several texts a day asking if the item is available.


I’ll update this list as and when things pop up.

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One comment on “Problems with
  1. TJ O. says:

    you can try for computer related stuff, or (its counterpart for things related to phones). they have a much better community and loyalty/credibility system… especially if you’re buying…

    the stream of text messages asking for availability may still persist though.. it could be worth a look..

    they also have forums for specific subjects/stuff which generally have a lot of following..

    all in all its much better than when it comes to b/s computer/phone related stuff.

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