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I’ve been experiencing a slow connection with BayanDSL for a few weeks now with the connection becoming near impossible to use after 6 or 7pm until around 11pm. BayanDSL sent out a technician to check my equipment, but of course there’s no problem with my equipment and the problem occurs at similar times each day.

I checked BayanDSLs Facebook page and there were a number of other people complaining about the same problem, so I’m obviously not alone.

I emailed BayanDSL with a copy of the screenshots I’ve put on this page. Their response was basically that I should only expect 2Mbps to sites hosted within the Philippines (basically none). However, this still doesn’t ring true because I DO get 2Mbps internationally, but only at off-peak hours.

“Thank you for the provided test samples. Having checked the test samples these are all conducted via international servers. Please be advised base on your package we do not have direct peering going to the international servers you want to be connected.”

So what do I get for my P1,999 a month from BayanDSL?

  • 2Mbps to servers within the Philippines at any time of day
  • 2Mbps to international servers (US/UK/Europe) after midnight
  • 1Mbps (Max.) 9am – 6pm
  • 0.5Mbps (Max.) 6pm-11pm


UPDATE: How I fixed my connection

I finally found out how to fix my connection! It turns out that BayanDSL started using a special ASEAN range of IP addresses which are configured terribly behind a number of NAT layers. I told BayanDSL that my modem IP and public IP didn’t match and that port forwarding (accessing my computers from outside my network) wasn’t working. To fix the port forwarding issue they had to take me out of that ASEAN range and back onto their standard network. This fixed port forwarding AND my painfully slow internet.


Why you shouldn’t use

One of the first thing BayanDSL will ask you to do is perform a speed test on with the Quezon City server selected. There’s two reasons why this is an unreliable way of measuring your connection.

1) Selecting the Quezon City server will direct your speed test to which is hosted within BayanDSLs own network here in the Philippines. So of course you’re going to get a blazing fast speed to that server. You should be testing against servers in the UK/US/Europe since that’s where most websites are actually hosted.

2) ISPs are known for traffic shaping or enforcing “quality of service” rules. For example they may slow torrents but increase the bandwidh available to Skype and regular web surfing. works by providing ISPs around the world with special image files (e.g. to host within their network. Your browser downloads those images and the time taken is measured to work out how fast your internet is. The problem is that ISPs put rules in that prioritize any request for these images. So while you might get 200Kb/sec while running the app, you’d only get a fraction of that if you tried to download a different file from the exact same server! Vs. Real world download

To demonstrate my point about ISPs shaping our traffic to make our speedtests look better than they are, I downloaded the image file from Comcast Atlanta server and then downloaded a random file from Linodes Atlanta server (content delivery network). As you can see, I got a blazing fast 230Kb/sec when downloading the image file but a poor and more realistic 16Kb/sec when downloading a random file from another server in the same city. To show that Lineodes network is fast, I also downloaded the file from a server in the UK, which was pulling the file at over 1 meg a sec.

Downloading the image file from a server in Atlanta



Downloading file from a Linode server in Atlanta


Downloading the same Lineode Atlanta file from a server in the UK 


Real world download speed test

A better way to speed test your connection is to try download files from various servers worldwide. Since most sites are hosted within the US/UK/Europe, it makes sense to speed test against files in those territories. You should try a regular download and then also a download with a manager which can open multiple sockets at once (for example DownloadThemAll or InternetDownloadManager).

Ideally you should test against files which are hosted on Content Delivery networks, since these hosts have a lot of bandwidth and wont get slowed down by a lot of users testing against them. Lineode have servers in Tokyo, London, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont and Cachefly have a very fast delivery network with 10/100Mb test files. There’s also ThinkBroadband in the UK with various file sizes on different ports.


Ping Test

BayanDSL will recommend you ping, this is fine but again it’s not the best test case. Google operate one of the largest sprawling worldwide networks so generally you’ll have an amazing ping to them even if your connection is performing badly. You can ping test against them as a reference but again I recommend you ping against UK/US/Europe servers for a more ‘real world’ test. For example you could ping,,,


Ping BayanDSL (Philippines)



Ping Google (Anycast IP address, sending PH users to Hong Kong data center)


Ping Hong Kong


Ping Taiwan


Ping Canada


Ping Seattle


Ping UK




Your average monthly speed with Youtube


If you browse Youtube while logged in, it will aggregate your average speed over a month. You can see this by going to

I watch quite a lot of videos on Youtube so for me it’s a good way to get an idea of the kind of speed my 2Mbps connection is actually giving me. As you can see from the screenshot, my 2Mbps connection from BayanDSL actually averages to 1.17 Mbps, nearly half the speed of what I’m paying for. Which means a lot more waiting around for videos to buffer.



The rough conclusion is that even when you can show Bayan that your connection is crawling like a tortoise, they won’t actually do anything about it. They’ve oversold their capacity and their network can’t handle the traffic at peak times (evenings and weekends).

They’ll tell you that their only agreement with you is to offer your agreed speed to sites hosted within the Philippines.

They’ll tell you to speed test against a server here in the PH, which is absolutely pointless because none of the sites you intend to visit will be hosted locally and we already know that Bayan have more than enough local bandwidth, the problem is that they don’t have enough international bandwidth to handle the amount of customers they have.

Basically it’s a scam. It’s like paying p1,000 for gas at Shell and then they only put in p700 because they don’t have enough capacity for all their customers.

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6 comments on “Slow BayanDSL
  1. frost_zime says:

    Hey I’m experiencing the same thing. What’s their support e-mail address? and how did you say or request them to remove you from the ASEAN range?

  2. Admin says:

    If you’re on their special ASEAN range, the IP address shown by your modem/router will not match the IP address given on sites like . Since these IP addresses don’t match, port forwarding doesn’t work. I contacted Bayan and advised them that I wanted to use port forwarding but the IP addresses don’t match. To fix that issue they have to take you off their ASEAN range. (I actually did need port forwarding to work because I wanted to access my home computer from remote places)

  3. zorann says:

    Hello, are you using a static IP address or a dynamic one? I’d like to know because I am currently on PPPoE and with dynamic IP. When I called Bayan Customer Support of my intention to have my internal and external IP match and enable port forwarding, they told me that I have to switch to static IP. Is this really necessary? Thanks.

  4. Admin says:

    Hi zorann I’m on a dynamic IP… so I don’t know why they can’t do the same for you..

  5. zorann says:

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ll have to hound customer support about it then.

    I have another question though…is SOD still available? Customer support keeps telling me that SOD has been unavailable since last year. If that’s the case then I don’t understand why I still had that feature up until last May 18 when it stopped working for me.

  6. Admin says:

    I’m not sure. They’ll still saying SOD is available on their advertising. The last time I tried it was 2 or 3 weeks ago and it made no difference to the speed.

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