Suriya Spa Frontera Verde

Suriya Spa at Frontera Verde


The Suriya Spa based in Frontera Verde is one of the highest quality spa experiences you will find in metro manila.


I’ve never had any problem parking outside Suriya Spa. They reserve spaces off the road and open them up as and when customers arrive.


With Suriya, you get what you pay for and what you get is very good. Be prepared to spend a hefty amount. If you’re money concious then decide what services you want to avail of before you arrive since they’ll try to up-sell you upon arrival. A basic massage (Swedish) starts at P1110 and a scrub will set you back at least P1800.


Jacuzzi bath Bathroom facilities Massage bed

Whether you’re in a single occupancy room or double, the rooms are large and comfortable. They use professional massage beds which are very comfortable. Each room features as jacuzzi style tub, again the size of which depends on the room being intended for single or double occupancy. You’ll also find a sink area with various lotions, a shower and toilet facilities. Arrive early and enjoy a nice dip in your rooms jacuzzi.

Massage / Service

The staff who welcome you to the spa and take your order are very friendly and professional. They are however expert up-sellers and you may end up paying for more than you originally intended. Their massage therapists remain professional throughout the service and are very capable, taking their time and ensuring a thorough massage or scrub.

Other facilities

There are shared facilities available at the Suriya spa such as the sauna. If you arrive early, you can relax in the sauna before your treatment begins. After your massage, you’ll be served a relaxing brew of herbal tea.


Suriya is certainly not the cheapest spa around but if you’re looking for quality then here it is. If you want to treat someone or just yourself then consider this spa.

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